iOS Development Basics

Q1. Does iOS support multitasking?

A. iOS 4 and above supports multi-tasking and allows apps to remain in the background until they are launched again or until they are terminated.  

Q8. Why an app on iOS device behaves differently when running in foreground than in background?

A. An application behaves differently when running in foreground than in background because of the limitation of resources on iOS devices.

Q9. How can an operating system improve battery life while running an app?

A. An app is notified whenever the operating system moves the apps between foreground and background.  The operating system improves battery life while it bounds what your app can do in the background. This also improves the user experience with foreground app.

Q2. Name the framework that is used to construct application’s user interface for iOS.

A. The UIKit framework is used to develop application’s user interface for iOS. UIKit framework provides event handling, drawing model, windows, views, and controls specifically designed for a touch screen interface.

Q10. Which framework delivers event to custom object when app is in foreground?

A. The UIKit infrastructure takes care of delivering events to custom objects. As an app developer, you have to override methods in the appropriate objects to process those events.

Q6. Name the application thread from where UIKit classes should be used?
A. UIKit classes should be used only from an Application’s main thread.

Q7. Which API is used to write test scripts that help in exercising the application’s user interface elements?
A. UI Automation API is used to automate test procedures. Tests scripts are written in JavaScript to the UI Automation API.  This in turn simulates user interaction with the application and returns log information to the host computer.


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